Lincoln Reviews & News

Lincoln Reviews & News

Lincoln Canada Follows Genesis’ Lead with Pickup and Delivery service


Ford’s luxury brand is adding a new service that will set it apart in the Canadian marketplace. This is not ... Read more

2018 Lincoln Navigator First Drive: Aluminum for the win


The new Navigator is yet another piece of fine engineering from Lincoln. It looks the part, it kept us in ... Read more

Will the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus Surpass the MKX?


The transformation of Lincoln continues apace, as the brand moves to project a younger and more contemporary image. The automaker ... Read more

2019 Lincoln MKC is Out to Conquer


The latest charm offensive from Lincoln takes aim at a segment that is hotly contested: luxury compact SUVs. Here’s how ... Read more

2017 Lincoln Continental: Return of the American Queen


The new Lincoln Continental makes efficient use of a few aesthetic attributes that evoke the large European tourers to create ... Read more

New York 2017: The 2018 Lincoln Navigator, a trip in first class!


The all-new Lincoln Navigator weds elegance, modernity and quiet power in a head-turning package that is tailor-made to transport families ... Read more

New Lincoln Continental featured in unconventional campaign


Photographer Annie Leibovitz took a series of pictures that tell a story with a nice backdrop of rural and urban ... Read more

New York 2016: New Lincoln Navigator Concept unveiled


Lincoln today unveiled the all-new Navigator Concept, which elevates luxury and technology to a whole new height. Read more

Toronto 2016: 2017 Lincoln Continental Unveiled


As the 2016 CIAS media day rolls on in Toronto, we take a closer look at Lincoln's brand new 2017 ... Read more

2015 New York Auto Show: Lincoln Continental concept signals revival


Lincoln has just introduced its new Continental concept at the 2015 New York Auto Show, marking the return of a ... Read more

2015 Lincoln MKX Preview


It’s still the same-old, same-old we’ve come to know from the American luxury brand offering off space, style and amenities. Read more

2015 Lincoln MKZ Preview


The 2015 Lincoln MKZ offers luxury and space in a sophisticated-looking package that’s heavy on the amenities and ideal for ... Read more

2015 Lincoln Navigator Preview


This is the largest, most comfortable and most capable Lincoln in the fleet, yet is typically less expensive than comparable ... Read more

Matthew McConaughey to Collaborate with Lincoln (Video)


Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey has just signed a multi-year promotion contract with Lincoln. A long-term lover of the brand, he will ... Read more

2015 Lincoln MKC First Impression


Brand perception, value, and worth and how to gain it is a hot topic in the luxury auto world right ... Read more

Lincoln considering Mustang spinoff?


As you know, Lincoln is desperate to attract younger customers. Launching cool new products is obviously the way to go. Read more

Lincoln MKX Concept unveiled in Beijing


The new Lincoln MKX Concept made its global debut at Auto China 2014 in Beijing, marking the first time Lincoln ... Read more

2014 Lincoln MKZ Preview


The Lincoln MKZ is available with front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Along with suspension improvements, this makes the Lincoln a luxury-oriented ... Read more

2014 Lincoln Navigator Preview


This is the largest, most comfortable and most capable Lincoln in the fleet. When driving, the 2014 Lincoln Navigator does ... Read more

Lincoln reveals 2015 Navigator prior to Chicago Auto Show debut


Ford's luxury division today unveiled its all-new 2015 Lincoln Navigator. The model will officially make its global debut in a ... Read more

Detroit 2013: Lincoln MKC Concept


Small is the current big thing, and Lincoln has been never one to talk small. They've been all about big ... Read more

2013 Lincoln MKT First Impressions


Now that Lincoln is the sole remaining luxury brand within the Ford Motor Company, it's now time to give it ... Read more

2013 LS: Lexus Unveils New Series


Lexus unveiled its new LS series yesterday, including the LS 460, the LS 600hL (which, with its V8 engine, it's ... Read more

2013 Lincoln MKS First Impressions


Ford's doing great. Their mainstream brand has got plenty of products in the pipeline and they're constantly improving their current ... Read more

2013 MKZ represents the future of Lincoln


The second-generation Lincoln MKZ for 2013 debuts this week at the New York Auto Show, as the first Lincoln created ... Read more

Los Angeles 2011: 2013 Lincoln MKT struts its stuff


A rejuvenated 2013 Lincoln MKT took to the stage at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Read more

Los Angeles 2011: 2013 Lincoln MKS breaks cover


Lincoln fans can look forward to advanced and exciting new vehicles in the future, as hinted by the significantly redesigned ... Read more

2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Review


Lincoln pitches it as the "most fuel-efficient luxury sedan in Canada". After a week of living with this upscale ride, ... Read more

Bentley unveils a range of 14 Continental Flying Spur ''Series 51'' design options


Crewe, England - The Continental Flying Spur and its sporting stablemate the 200mph (322km/h) Flying Spur Speed are the most ... Read more

2011 Lincoln MKX First Impressions


The MKX has been fairly popular since it was first introduced in 2006 as a 2007 model. In fact, Lincoln ... Read more

2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid First Impressions


I am in Washington DC this week to take a couple of Lincoln products for a test drive. Times are ... Read more

2010 Lincoln MKS GTDI AWD Review


Here's a riddle: what's twin-turbocharged, very plush, makes teenagers use words like 'gangster' and 'sick', packs more defensive radar than ... Read more

2010 Lexus LS 460 L AWD Review


My eight-year-old son got a taste of the high life this week. Comfortably ensconced in a tilting, heated, air-conditioned and ... Read more

2011 Lincoln MKX Preview


DETROIT, Michigan -- Lincoln's major news at the Detroit auto show this year, is the mid-cycle refreshening for MKX. Chief ... Read more

2009 Lexus LS 460 AWD Review


The LS sedan is the long-serving Lexus flagship of luxury and refinement. Today it bares the 'LS 460' designation in ... Read more

2010 Lincoln MKT AWD EcoBoost Review


You're probably thinking that we don't need yet another big SUV crowding our streets, and you're arguably right. But the ... Read more

Lincoln MKT Pushes New Frontier of Crash-Avoidance Technologies


The all-new 2010 Lincoln MKT three-row crossover - arriving in dealerships now - is raising the bar not only on ... Read more

2010 Lincoln MKZ AWD Review


The days of personal land yachts met their demise long ago, replaced by smaller, more fuel-efficient variants. It's taken sometime ... Read more

2010 Lincoln MKZ AWD Review


We have the feeling that Lincoln is heading in the right direction. After selling mile-long luxobarges for decades, Ford's luxury ... Read more

2010 Lincoln MKS AWD EcoBoost First Impressions


It's been a few years, decades really, since those early rock and roll guys sang about "Hot Rod Lincolns." But ... Read more

2010 Lincoln MKT First Impressions


Well-heeled soccer moms might check out luxury crossovers contenders by piling the hubby and the kids into three rows of ... Read more

2010 Lincoln MKT Preview


Looking at the new Lincoln MKT, it's hard to tell that it's largely derived from the Ford Flex. Apart from ... Read more

Interview with Pat Schivone, Ford's Design Director, on the new Lincoln MKT (video)


The upcoming MKT is a Lincoln like no other. An exercise in technology and style, the unique-looking 7-seat crossover is ... Read more

Some exciting launches for Ford at Montreal


Excitement abounded in every member of Ford's team at this year's Montreal Auto Show as several exciting models were presented ... Read more

2010 Lincoln MKT Preview


Pressing onwards towards a comprehensive vehicle lineup, Ford's Lincoln division will soon have a striking new crossover in showrooms. With ... Read more

Lincoln C Concept presented in Detroit


Are you looking to downsize from your gas-guzzling Navigator? Lincoln is proposing the C Concept, a small four-door luxury car ... Read more

2009 Lincoln MKS AWD Review


The MKS has repositioned Lincoln several notches higher in the luxury sedan market, and that's where they need to be ... Read more

Ford EcoBoost engines deliver more power with less fuel


The times, they are a changing. Though it breaks a long-held North American tradition and contravenes the 'bigger is better' ... Read more